St. Paul, Minn.- September 11 (The Langenfeld Foundation) -- Langenfeld Foundation Responds to Catastrophies


A grassroots effort, launched by The Langenfeld Foundation, will provide flood recovery to victims of the Hurricanes in Texas and Florida.  In the spirit of "people helping people", the St. Paul based nonprofit has established more than a dozen Disaster Relief sites throughout the Twin Cities.  Donated DART PORTABLE STORAGE pods, measuring 20' x 8' x 8.5', will be unlocked during daylight hours.


People may contribute supplies to help those suffering from the Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, in Texas and Florids.  The collection ends when the pods are full.  Trucks will transport ALL relief items to the disaster zones.  The epic storms submerged people's homes in foul water.  Houston was a flood of biblical proportions.


Mr. Paul Langenfeld, Founder and President of The Langenfeld Foundation, told us, "In Houston, our pointman is Judge Wayne L. Mack, Justice of the Peace, for Montgomery County. He is the coordinator of the Flood Relief."  Langenfeld added, "They have created a Warehouse Distribution and Volunteer Center, and our trucks will deliver collected supplies to that location.  Right now, we are talking to Florida to determine the best delivery site for relief supplies."


When contacted by phone, Judge Mack said, "The important thing right now is to clean up the mess floodwaters left.  We need to wash and disinfect all homes, inside and out.  And, tear out or demolish what was destroyed; carpeting, drywall, wood panneling, etc."


The Judge reported the shocking details of the situation: "We have literally hundreds of volunteers show up here every day, with sleeves rolled up ready to help flooded residents.  But, most are left standing idle and empty-handed, because there is such a shortage of demolision tools, cleaning products, and equipment."  Before hanging up the phone, he emphesized, "Please, we have to put supplies in their hands and give them the tools they need to help these people."


That is where The Langenfeld Foundation comes in.  Texas has the workers, Minnesota has the stuff; let's get it together and make this happen. 


Minnesota Vikings legend Chuck Foreman joined the Disaster Relief Team as well.  The 5-time Pro Bowl Player (who is no stranger to must-win situations against overwhelming odds) said, "We are all in this together.   This is about family.  We are ALL God's children, and when disaster hits one of us, it hits all of us."  To help inspire the team, Foreman #44 emphesized, "Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something.  It doesn't have to be a big deal.  If you can give a little--DO IT."


Houston has a problem.  Judge Mack identified eight categories of items they need most:

1.      Bottled water

2.      Nonperishable food

3.      New clothing ONLY (they have mountains of used): undergarments must be white and new-in-package

4.      Baby products of ALL KINDS

5.      Cleaning tools and products: bleach, soaps, mops and ringers, brooms, shovels, 5-gallon buckets, cleaning gloves, N95 dustmasks and goggles, garbage bags

6.      Demolition tools: hammers, crow bars, sheetrock cutters, axes and hatchets

7.      Mosquito repellent: DEET insect products

8.      First Aid items and personal hygiene products


The Langenfeld Foundation is welcoming help with funding, for trucking, fuel, and extra needed supplies not fully met by donations.  People may do so on their GO FUND ME page: langenfeld-foundation-flood- relief.  Or on their website:


The Langenfeld Foundation Disaster Relief Sites, as of 9/7/2017:

         Teresa's Mexican Restaurants (Mendota Heights, Prior Lake, Maple Grove, Osseo)

         Gabe's by the Park (St. Paul)

         Tavern on the Avenue (St. Paul)

         Joe & Stan's (St. Paul)

         Bierstube (Hastings)

         St. Victoria Parish Family - Catholic Church (Victoria)


The Langenfeld Foundation is a St. Paul-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, now in its 12th year.  Their mission is to raise the quality of life for disabled veterans and people with special needs.  The foundation has taken many safari trips to Africa, demonstrating that people with disabilities can live life to the fullest...all they need is an opportunity and a little help.


To help move society in a more positive direction toward folks with disabilities, The Langenfeld Foundation produces a TV show, No Greater Love.  The program is broadcast to 600,000 households throughout the entire 7-county Twin Cities area.  The show airs on cable channel MCN6, Wednesdays, at 8:30 P.M.


Mr. Paul Langenfeld, is founder and president of The Langenfeld Foundation.  Paul is a Hastings native, and was the keynote speaker for the Hastings Veterans Day Program in 2015.  (He enjoys a working relationship with the Hastings Bierstub on fundraising raffles to help the cause.) 


Paul Langenfeld, created The Langenfeld Foundation in 2006.  He named the organization in honor of his parents, Tony and Elizabeth Langenfeld of Hastings. In 2008, the University of St. Thomas (UST) named Langenfeld the Humanitarian of the Year. That award recognizes an outstanding individual who has made contributions to the betterment of the spiritual and material welfare of the less fortunate.


As well, Langenfed has accepted a special award from the Congress of the United States of America.  Hand-in-hand with that, he was named a Star of the North, by Minnesota Congressman John Kline.  On behalf of The Langenfeld Foundation, he was named a Community Game Changer, by the Minnesota Twins Baseball Club.  Those awards affirmed the great benefits The Langenfeld Foundation is bringing to our society.


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Interview Contacts:

Paul Langenfeld, Founder and President, The Langenfeld Foundation, 651-491-8410,


Judge Wayne L. Mack, Justice of the Peace, Montgomery County, TX, 936-672-4362,


Fernando Mata, General Manager, Teresa's Mexican Restaurant, 706-306-6780,


Telephone: 651-491-8410