5-day IOWA TURKEY HUNT - 4 hunters

The Langenfeld Foundation is as 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, helping people with disabilities and special needs enjoy the great outdoors through hunting and fishing.

They are offering a 5-day IOWA TURKEY HUNT for four hunters (additional hunters may added at $300 per person.)

This is free range turkey hunting and takes place in Allamakee County, which is in extreme North East Iowa. Hunting is exclusively on private farms, owned or leased by Wildlife Management Partners, 563-535-3031. The lands have been converted over to wildlife habitat; nutritional food plots and cover have been planted, and supplements have been added.

To place your bid, or if you have any questions, contact Paul Langenfeld via email at: TheLangenfeldFoundation@gmail.com or call 651-491-8410 with any questions.

Value $1,200 - Contact us with your Best Offer

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