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Getting in Shape for Summer Fun with the University of St. Thomas

This week members from The Langenfeld Foundation met again with college students, from the University of St. Thomas, who are majoring in Physical Education. Everyone involved had a wonderful time and got in a good work out as well.

Ryan said his favorite part was doing a cardio routine on the treadmill. “It makes me sweat. And that, feels really good.” These sessions are timed and supervised, and each members was walked through a questionnaire to assess their health and fitness level.

There is a new link on the right to the "Personal Trainer Story". Don't worry if you missed the last update because you will be able to catch up on the "Personal Trainer Story" page. There will also be more pictures posted from the training sessions.

tim with dr carey

University of St. Thomas Teams up with The Langenfeld Foundation

We have something new that we are making a part of our Tuesday evenings. This special program started last Tuesday, and is off to a GREAT start. Everyone is very enthusiastic about it and is having a lot of fun together. The program is through The Langenfeld Foundation's chapter called The Joy of Sport, we have arranged for three Physical Education majors at the University of St. Thomas to provide personal training advice and instruction for people with disabilities.

We have a free-pass to the McCarthy Gym, and now these three personal trainers are helping those with disabilities better understand and incorporate the principles of physical fitness and exercise into their lives. These University of St. Thomas (UST) students are planning on future careers in education and related fields. We are thrilled that these students will share their professional leaning and training experience with The Langenfeld Foundation and the people we seek to benefit.

We are working with them for one hour, once a week, for 6-8 weeks; on Tuesdays from 6-7 PM. Following the instruction and personal training session, we play racquetball until it's time to head home. Dr. Daniel Carey, PhD, Exercise and Physiology professor at UST (and member of The Langenfeld Foundation's Board of Directors) is heading up this landmark program--thanks Dan! The foundation's vice president, Mary Langenfeld, is assisting Dr. Carey

The beneficiaries of this individual training program are: Jon Zirngible, Matt Altman, Joshua Flickinger, Joel LaBreche, Ryan Kastendieck, Thom Sander, and Tim Judge. Thank you for your continuing support.

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