Wounded Warrior Safari 2010

Big Thank You To One Of America's Finest

The Langenfeld Foundation (through its Wounded Warrior Outreach) is privileged to announce an event designed to say "Thank you" to all disabled veterans. We can never really thank our men and women in the armed services enough. But, as a symbol to demonstrate how much we respect and honor them all, we are making a very big show of gratitude to one of their own.

We will be taking a veteran, wounded in Iraq, on a trip of a lifetime: a safari hunt in South Africa. We hope that this gesture of our appreciation will express the deep admiration we have for all those that have made such great sacrifices for our country.

Mike Mills, of Freeport, Minnesota, had already retired after putting in his 20 years of service with the Army. But when America went to war against terrorists in Iraq, he felt his country needed him again. He reenlisted, and was soon on his way to Baghdad —where his life would be changed forever.

Mike was gravely wounded in a roadside bomb attack. (His truck exploded, he was soaked in fuel, and burned until his colleagues could put out the flames.) Mike survived, but suffered deep tissue burns over 31% of his body. He lost fingers, muscles, ears, nose, and a lot of skin. Now after some 37 surgeries, Mike has returned to living an independent, "normal" life.

To honor disabled veterans, The Langenfeld Foundation (together with Minnesota SCI) is taking Mike to South Africa for a safari hunt. He will be hunting courtesy of a donation by Zeekoepan Safaris. Joining Mike on this trip will be his 20-year old son Aaron, as well as a professional cameraman. This hunt to be featured on a nationally broadcast show, called "The Industry TV" aired on "The Sportsmen Channel."

If you, or others you know, would like to join us in saying "Thank you" to Mike and all disabled veterans, please consider making a contribution. You may do so with a credit card on our site by clicking here.

If you prefer to mail a check, please send it to: The Langenfeld Foundation, PO Box 533, Hastings, MN 55033. All donations are fully tax deductible. Please feel free to forward and pass around this email. It is a great opportunity to honor America's finest heros, and our chance to give something back.

A copy of our announcement is here in pdf format.