Dear friends,

As we have now concluded our safari trip to honor disabled veterans, but I believe that a closing comment from the Mills family is in order.  It really sums up the good that this trip has done for a family effected by the ravages of war.  This was sent to me from Mike's wife, and Aaron's mother, expressing her appreciation for all those who helped make this event possible.


Dear Paul and all involved in the Safari for Mike and Aaron Mills,

After reading your notes on Day 10 of the Safari, I wanted you all to know how grateful I am this trip was made possible not only for Mike but Aaron also. 

We have struggled the last 5 years to move on past that day and always look for a way to create positive from negative.  As adults, Mike and I are better equipped to do that, however because Aaron and his sister Kenzie were pretty young at the time, they still struggle.  The time that Mike and Aaron spent together and the "firsts" they experienced have created a bond stronger than even the I.E.D. (Improvised Explosive Devise, aka. "road-side bomb.") that injured Mike in the first place.

So again, from the deepest place of my heart, thank you and God Bless you for what you did!

  Suki Mills