Day 9

I really thought we were going to get a kudu today. We went to a new piece of neighboring property and saw a lot of smaller kudus. We got a nice chance to get a shot on a big kudu, but before we could get everything set up, the animal ran off.

We tried very hard to get Mike a bushbuck. We had several chances throughout the week, but the beast would stand still for only 2 or 3 seconds before running. We went out today and did our best but still came up empty-handed.

However, this was a great day; we saw lots of buffalo, plenty of hippos, and then caught a 7 or 8-foot long python. We all got a chance to touch it or even hold it, just to see it up close. I was amazed by how strong this big snake was when it wrapped itself around my hand and arm. It would squeeze tighter and tighter. When it came time to put the thing down, I could not get it off my arm. It has been another great day on a really great trip.