Day 6

Today was a great day to be on safari in Africa. The weather has been fabulous. It is winter here and very comfortable. Yesterday, Mike took a warthog at a waterhole, and today he took a second one first thing in the morning. It was a wonderful celebration for Mike and his son Aaron.

In the afternoon, Aaron got the hunt of his dreams when he took the monkey that he had so hoped for. This was the happiest he has been so far. He is just giddy with the thought of having a stuffed monkey in his apartment at college. It was an exciting hunt and Kurt got it all on video.

At sundown, Mike got the impala that has escaped him the last couple days. He has a couple of chances, but the animal ran or the shot did not find its mark. This time he made the most of a 100+ yard shot and made it perfect. Mike is thrilled and was very satisfied to share the moment with his son.