Day 5

This marks our first day of hunting, and what a day of firsts it was. Mike Mills was our disabled veteran on the trip, and as much as he is an American hero, he is also a very fine father to his son. As much as Mike loves hunting, he loves Aaron even more; Mike asked that his son be given the honor of taking the first shot of the day, and the first trophy on this safari.

Right out of camp this morning we came upon a 14-year old warthog. Aaron, our cameraman, and the PH (professional hunter) got ready to move in for a shot. Aaron set up on a steady rest, but the hog moved off. They repositioned and set up again, but their quarry moved into brush and Aaron wisely held off the trigger. A third and fourth time they maneuvered to get a clear shooting lane, and then finally the rifle sounded and the old hog dropped where it stood.

Aaron was elated. Mike beamed with pride. We gathered around for congratulations and the sharing of photos and a recounting of events. This was not only Aaron's first safari harvest, but was his first big game animal period; he'd done bird shooting and deer hunting back home, but this was his first animal taken. He glowed with the success and was eager to make call on the satellite phone to tell his mother.

The midday hours were spent in a blind at a waterhole.