Day 4

Today is an open day with no hunting. Zeekoepan Safaris does things a little differently than other outfits; Sunday is a day of rest, for the paid staff as well as the animals. We spent the day driving the property and getting to know the place. We took lots of photos and sighted in the rifles at the target range.

It is a fascinating place to be. We saw lots of wildlife, and also some history of the human life that has been on this land for 100s of years. They showed us some old home sights and we saw graves where the residents had been buried.

We are now in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is late winter or early spring here now. We awake to frosty conditions, but it warms up during the day. Many baby animals are being born this time of year. We have seen new born zebras, giraffes, warthogs, and impalas.

Mike, Aaron, Kurt, and myself are feeling right at home here. We have beautiful chalets to ourselves, and the lodge is a great place to be together. We have hooked up wires from a TV screen to Kurt's video camera, and we are able to enjoy some of the filmed footage from the day. Everyone is having the time of their life, and we have a great time being together.