Day 3

Today we left the big city life of Johannesburg, South Africa and flew on a prop plane to Richard's Bay (a wonderful port city on the Indian Ocean side of Africa.) Our wounded warrior Mike Mills, his 20-year old son Aaron, cameraman Kurt Rotter, and myself really enjoyed getting away from the tourist side of things and getting to know some of the regular people flying this commuter plane with us. It was also great to see the African countryside's terrain from the air.

We arrived and were greeted by out outfitters and good friends, Willem and Amanda Basson, of Zeekoepan Safaris. We drove another three hours or so to their property and saw many fascinating and educational sites as we did so. There is a lot of sugar cane farming in this area, and we saw wild animal all along our route.

One of the highlights of the day, and the trip for that matter, came as a BIG SURPRIZE. After we'd come through the property's main gate, we had not gone 200 yards down the road when someone announced, "Hey, look. An elephant, right there." Sure enough, back in the trees about 30 yards, two bull elephants we standing there. It was hard to see them because it was so thick and dense, but nonetheless we were closer to wild elephants than most people will ever be.

We stopped the vehicle and got out. Everyone had to stay on the road, except for Willem and the cameraman. We watched as they snuck closer and closer with video camera rolling. I haven't seen the footage yet, but I am including a photo that I took which shows just how enormous these animals can be. (It is a little hard to see the elephant back behind the branches, but he is there if you can find him.)