Day 2

Here the adventure continues. This was our free day in Johannesburg. There are remnants of the World Cup everywhere and it is a very exciting time to be here. We are staying at a wonderful and very cultural hotel, called the Africa Centre Hotel. It is safe and secure, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

One of their drivers took us for the day to a lion and rhino park. This is much like the Pilanesburg or Kruger National Parks, but not as big. We spent the day driving around the park and photographing all kinds of African animals. We also got terrific video of the predator species; cheetahs, lions, and hyenas. We had a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a group of lions that were just 10 yards away.

The trip is going extremely well. Things are smooth and relaxed now. We have to pinch ourselves to be sure that we are really here.