Day 12

Our 2010 African safari has come to an end.  We began this trip to honor all disabled veterans by doing something really big for one of their own; we hope we have achieved that.

Mike and Aaron were a joy to be with.  Kurt Rotter was tremendous in every way; not only did he donate all his professional services as a video journalist, but he worked every day of the journey, often for the 12-14 hours from first waking up to finally going back to sleep.

We thank Willem and Amanda Basson, of Zeekoupan Safaris, for making us part of their family.  (It is amazing to realize that we have friends living now on the other side of the planet.)  We will think of them often whenever we hear news reports about South Africa, or see pictures like the one of the sable included here.

Again we thank all those who donated to make this Wounded Warrior Outreach into a reality.  I am grateful for Minnesota SCI and all the individuals who contributed.  I am also appreciative to a company called Global Rescue; they donated memberships to cover our entire group in case of a medical emergency.  If needed, they have a team trained for special operations that would have swept in with helicopters and evacuated us from point of injury.  They then whisk us out of the wilderness and to the hospital of our choice, even back to the U.S.

But most of all I thank Mike Mills for his service to our country, and to all those in the armed services who make the sacrifice so that we might live in freedom.  Mike is a hero in my eyes and I wish we could have done even more for him.  I wish we could take every disabled veteran on a trip like this.  The truth is, we really can never thank them enough.  We want all veterans to know that your sufferings have meant something, and you will not be forgotten.  Thank you for all you've done for America.