Day 10

When we started this safari trip, we thought it was going to be all about hunting.  As it turns out, it has become more and more about a father and son relationship.  Mike said on many occasions that this is the most time he and Aaron have spent together since he was wounded in Iraq.  His son was only a 15-years old at the time. 

They have been at each others side all through the trip and both of them are appreciating it.  It is a lot of fun to watch them let their hair down around each other and joke around about old times.  Both of them know that this is a relationship that was almost ended by a terrorist roadside bomb in 2005.

We have seen lots and lots of wildlife every day.  The photo of the crocodiles was an impressive one, especially to see them up close.  I had no idea that crocodiles could hiss at you, or that the inside of their mouth was yellow like a lemon.  Aaron was thrilled to take a beautiful impala while hunting in a blind at a waterhole.  Mike also took an animal at the waterhole, a great big warthog.  (I would like to be able to say that it was a beautiful warthog, but I think that is a contradiction in terms.)